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Torque Fitness M8 Circuit and M8 Circuit Extension - Fitness Trendz USA

Torque Fitness M8 Circuit and M8 Circuit Extension

$ 41,600.00 $ 48,235.00

M8 Circuit and M8 Circuit Extension


All 14 Pieces for one incredible price.

These are Showroom Models. A savings of over $6,000.

The M Series from Torque Fitness offers the ultimate in See, Feel, and Trust – Visual Impact, Ultimate Comfort, and Bullet Proofing where it counts! The M Series Commercial Selectorized System line offers single station machines that are compact, inviting, and user-friendly. From functional training to circuit training to traditional strength training, the Torque Fitness M Series brings a 30 year culture of long term durability and trustworthy functionality.


 Torque Fitness "Don't QuitEver."

M8 Circuit  M8 Circuit Extension

 MAB Abdominal                                 "Don't QuitEver."
MCP Chest Press                                MBC Biceps Curl 
MLE Leg Extension                              MBE Back Extension 
MLP Leg Press                                    MG Glute
MSLC Seated Leg Curl                        MPFRD Pec Fly / Rear Delt
MSP Shoulder Press                            MPLC Prone Leg Curl
MSR Seated Row                                 MSC Standing Calf
"Don't QuitEver."                               MTP Triceps Press



What Users See


Clean sight lines through fully shrouded towers, all of uniform 5 foot height

Convenient integrated rubber trays for storage of water bottle, keys, MP3, etc.

Easily recognizable orange adjustment handles

Compact, inviting, user-friendly look


What Users Feel


A natural path of resistance travel from trailing arm handles

Smooth direct function from Kevlar belts & internally lubricated cables

Gradual resistance increases through drop down weight increment system

Easy one-handed ergonomic seat adjustments through gas-assisted 4-bar mechanism


What Users Trust


Maintenance free durability from sealed ball bearings in nylon wheels over chromed rails

Indestructible solid steel weight plates riding on 3/4 inch solid steel chromed guide rods

Durable grips from non-absorbing rubber compound secured with aluminum collars

Magnetic attached weight stack pin with break away lanyard to prevent loss or damage

A 30 year culture of long term durability and customer service.


Circuit is Showroom Demo


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