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The Abs Company X3S Bench - Fitness Trendz USA

The Abs Company X3S Bench

$ 299.00

The Abs Company X3S Bench

Same benefits as the X3S Pro, in a lighter version. This machine delivers the best design to work your abs, legs and glutes!

The multi angle incline bench attachment makes the X3S™ Bench more versatile than a traditional Sissy Squat machine, and can assist with those working their way up to the full stand-up movement.

3 levels of incline allows for unlimited progressions. Incorporate dumbbells or medicine balls to increase the intensity and train your entire body.

The X3S™ Bench is designed for portability, and easy storage. This hybrid full-body system provides maximum results in minimal space.


Dimensions: 40” L x 29” W x 15” H

Weight: 50 lbs.

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