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Steppers and Climbers

Steppers -The stair stepper mimics the action of walking upstairs by using two pedals that create resistance as you lift your foot and press the pedal down, rotating between each leg. The resistance can be increased or decreased as well as your pace to increase or decrease the overall intensity of your workout.

Stepmills - The stepmill workout is one of the best fat-blasting, calories burning and sweat drenching cardio workouts you can do!

Stair Climbers - The stair climber provides a targeted workout to the glutes, thighs, hips, and abdominals. You are working your lower body with variable resistance rapid repetition style of training that moves your legs through a complete range of motion. Stair climbing focuses on the areas of the body where women, especially, tend to accumulate body fat. When you use the stair climber, you will work each of the key muscles of the legs 120 times per minute. You are in effect doing mega high rep sets. This is a very effective way to create a lean, fat-free muscle. That makes stair climbing a great option for sculpting a butt to impress.

TreadClimbers - The TreadClimber features a “3 in 1” workout experience meaning that you get the walking forward motion of the treadmill, stepping effect of the StairClimber and quiet, smooth operation of the elliptical. In addition to being a versatile piece of exercise equipment, TreadClimbers are guaranteed to be more efficient compared to treadmills with 2x the amount of calories being burnt in a 30-minute workout.

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