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Certified Pre-Owned Gym Equipment Warranty

Buy your favorite Cardio, Strength Training and CrossFit equipment online or at the Fitness Trendz Store at discounted prices. Fitness Trendz Certified Pre-Owned equipment is previously owned Cardio, Strength Training and CrossFit equipment that has been acquired from many sources throughout the United States.  As part of our Quality Assurance Process, all equipment must pass a quality inspection performed by our team of experts to ensure each piece of equipment performs at the highest level and looks first-class. All equipment is restored to meet as close to factory standards as possible.

If you have ordered product to be Certified Pre-Owned, please allow up to 6 weeks for product completion.

PERFORMANCE – Down to the Details
Fitness Trendz Certified Pre-Owned Fitness Equipment undergoes rigorous tests and detailed inspections to deliver the highest quality fitness equipment that performs at the highest level possible.  Our equipment is tried and tested to give you optimal performance in your fitness facility or your home.   Commercial grade fitness equipment is built to stand the test of time with multiple users daily.

CRITERIA – Our Mechanics test our fitness equipment inside and out. Pre-Owned cardio, strength equipment and cross-fit training equipment are check for cosmetic damages and repaired to the highest level possible.

What we do upon initially receiving pre-owned equipment…

Immediate Inspection 

Test Equipment for functionality • Damage – Inspect for scratches, dents, discoloration, as well as all connectors for debris and corrosion • Check position of buttons and housing • Missing Parts – Confirm all missing parts and order accordingly. 

10 Point Inspection Process 

The following process assures you that your equipment has met the Fitness Trendz Standard of Excellence and Performs at peak condition:

  1. Power – Check the battery charge status with charges as well as power up test.
  2. Display – We confirm the display functions as intended. No dead pixels, images on the screen are clear, LED functions properly, all colors are sharp and touchscreen and TV/Consoles are responsive and work as intended.
  3. Port – We verify USB and SD card connections and make sure the connections read information correctly.
  4. Keypad & Software – Systems are checked and authenticated, buttons function properly and we update software as needed.
  5. Motor – Is checked to function at optimum levels without added strain on the motor, ensuring long high performance motor life.
  6. Belts– Are checked for belt tightness and ensures the belts are properly tracked and lubricated to eliminate extra friction and wear.
  7. Audio – We verify speaker systems and Bluetooth connectivity function properly and sound excellent.
  8. Connectivity – Check connectivity between the equipment and outside networks such as Wi-Fi Networks and ensure proper function.
  9. Paint- All areas will be prepped properly and painted with high grade quality primer and matching paint.
  10. Detail – All units will be completely detailed prior to shipping or customer pick up.

90 Day Warranty for New and Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

What is Covered:
90 days labor / 90 days parts  • Failures and Breakdowns resulting from normal use • Manufacturers Defects • Structural Defects • Mechanical and Electrical Failure • Professional and Prompt Onsite Service

What is not Covered:

Upholstery or Foam Pads • Wear and Tear •Plastic Parts • Batteries • Spills/Liquid Damage • Accidental Damage • Pet Damage • Hand Grips • Heart Rate Hand Grips • Lighting/Bulbs (LED/LCD) •Treadmill Decks/Belts •Software Updates •Cosmetic Damage• Power Surge Damage •Miscellaneous Cleaning •Cosmetics •Rust •Corrosion •Upgrades •Failures caused by misuse or negligence •Maintenance

We also offer 1 and 2 Year Extended Warranties on our Certified Pre-Owned Equipment.