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American Barbell GP Industries Series Pro Style Dumbbells 5 to 100 lbs. Set

American Barbell

American Barbell GP Industries Series Pro Style Dumbbells 5 to 100 lbs. Set

$ 3,995.00

American Barbell GP Industries Series Dumbbell Set 5 -100 lb

Pairs of 5 to 100 lbs in 5 lb. increments  

Commercial dumbbells by GP Industries, aka American Barbell, offers an exclusive locking design used to permanently attach the solid steel urethane coated heads to each solid steel “Unilock” dumbbell handle. A traditional bolt-together dumbbell, such as a Pro-Style dumbbell, uses an internally threaded dumbbell handle shaft that accepts a 5/8” fine thread Allen bolt to lock the multiple cast iron plates and handles together as one.

While the Pro-Style dumbbell is a very strong dumbbell design used in commercial gyms, it is hamstrung by this Allen bolt that can often loosen when the dumbbells are dropped even with the use of a professional thread locker such as Loctite. To solve this age old problem, designers at GP Industries reverse engineered the Pro-Style dumbbell threading the dumbbell handle shaft itself with a course thread and then giving it a massive steel locking nut that will not back off even under the most severe impact. 

If your dumbbells will live in a harsh environment, such as a commercial club or military base, consider the optional “Splined Anti-Loosening Technology” handle upgrade. The GP Industries handle Splines are visible grooves between the course Unilock thread and the shoulder of the handle. As the solid dumbbell head is press fit onto the shaft of the handle with 25,000 PSI of force from a hydraulic press, these Splines cut their own grooves into the steel of the head locking them into place and never allowing the head to spin or come loose. The handle Splines are essentially a solid head dumbbell insurance policy for harsh commercial environments that can only be found on GP Industries dumbbells.Dumbbell Features:

  • Commercial quality for use in clubs, CrossFit boxes and military fitness centers
  • Solid steel heads are precision drilled and bored to ensure close tolerance and weight accuracy
  • Heads are coated in high quality, impact resistant urethane
  • High strength steel handles measure 1.25” (32mm) diameter from 10-100 lbs.
  • USA Made 1045 Steel Chrome Plated Handles rated at 130,000 PSI Tensile Strength
  • Optional “Splined” handles greatly decrease the chance of solid dumbbell heads ever coming loose.
  • The radius of each steel slug is chamfered on the outside to displace the force of the impact between the steel slug and urethane coating for longer impact resistance
  • Quieter workouts compared to uncoated solid steel or cast iron dumbbells
  • Great for total body toning, strengthening and muscle building
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