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Body-Solid Pro Clubline Vertical Knee Raise - Fitness Trendz USA

Body-Solid Pro Clubline Vertical Knee Raise

$ 1,405.00

Body-Solid Pro Clubline Vertical Knee Raise

Take your pull-ups, chin-ups, and dips to the next-level with Body-Solid’s SVKR1000 Vertical Knee Raise — one of the most versatile and effective VKR machines on the market today. Utilizing multiple close and wide grips (including an exclusive rock-climbing grip), the SVKR1000 is the ultimate VKR for home or commercial use. Revolving dip handles move out of the way to allow them to perform the dozens of available exercises. Build strong shoulders, lats, traps, and more by performing a variety of pullup and chin-up exercises or work on bodyweight training and develop your core with leg raises and hang crunches.

Multiple steps make access easy for any size users while an oval heavy gauge steel frame ensures unmatched durability regardless of the facility or frequency of use.

Assembled Weight: 373lb / 169.19kg

Assembled Dimensions: Length Width Height
62.00in / 1,574.80mm 47.00in / 1,193.80mm 103.00in/2,616.20mm

Package Dimensions: Length Width Height
52.60in / 1,336.04mm 22.00in / 558.80mm 10.00in / 254.00mm
Volume Gross Weight
6.70 ft3 / 0.19 m3 94.60lb / 42.91kg

Package 2 Dimensions: Length Width Height
63.60in / 1,615.44mm 29.70in / 754.38mm 6.50in / 165.10mm
Volume Gross Weight
7.11 ft3 / 0.20 m3 104.50lb / 47.40kg

Package 3 Dimensions: Length Width Height
52.00in / 1,320.80mm 32.30in / 820.42mm 18.30in / 464.82mm
Volume Gross Weight
17.79 ft3 / 0.50 m3 112.20lb / 50.89kg

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