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Cybex Eagle Seated Leg Curl - Fitness Trendz USA

Cybex Eagle Seated Leg Curl

$ 2,299.00


For those looking to build your hamstring muscles, it can be a challenge selecting the right exercise without the worry of muscle strain or injury. Many free weight-based exercises place unnecessary stress on surrounding muscle groups and joints, drastically increasing your risk for pulled muscles or hyper-extended joints. The Cybex Eagle - Seated Leg Curl/SRL is a superior brand of fitness equipment, allowing for a safe and effective hamstrings workout.

Key Features of the Cybex Eagle - Seated Leg Curl/SRL:

The leg curl is one of the most important exercises when you want to properly develop your hamstring muscles. It’s also one of the safest as it can effectively isolate the muscle without over-utilizing surrounding muscle groups such as your lower back and hip flexors. Traditional leg curl machines force your body into an unnatural position, ensuring improper technique and increased joint pressure. The Cybex Eagle - Seated Leg Curl/SRL is built with your safety in mind. Mimicking the natural pattern of movement from the human body, it ensures the hamstring muscle is isolated for a flawless curl each and every time.

  • Relieves Tension on Surrounding Muscles – Many outdated fitness machines place your body into a position that forces tension upon surrounding muscle groups including the hamstrings themselves. The Cybex Eagle - Seated Leg Curl/SRL features a wide back pad that has been angled perfectly to focus the ideal amount of resistance directly upon the hamstrings with no discomfort.
  • User-Friendly Design – If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, it can be tough not knowing where to begin. The Cybex Eagle - Seated Leg Curl/SRL is built with the new fitness enthusiast in mind. It’s user-friendly design allows for easy manipulation and comes with step-by-step instructions printed directly on to the machine. Never second-guess yourself again with the Cybex Eagle - Seated Leg Curl/SRL.
  • Enjoy the Safety of Range Limiting Devices – Cybex is proud to offer innovative range limiting devices on the Cybex Eagle - Seated Leg Curl/SRL. Range limiting devices ensure a perfect match for range of motion with the selected resistance. This safety device allows for an effective workout without the need to worry.
  • The Cybex Eagle - Seated Leg Curl/SRL is ideal for your home or commercial facility. Now you can…
      • Isolate your hamstring muscles for an effective strength and endurance workout
      • Feel safe and secure during your workout with the range limiting device
      • Protect your surrounding muscles from unnecessary stress during your workout
    • Dimensions: : 62" L x 43" W x 56" H
      158cm L x 108cm W x 142cm H

      Machine Weight w/ Stack:  : 719 lbs. (327kg)

      Weight Stack:  : 205 lbs. (93kg)

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