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Cybex Incline Press Bench - Fitness Trendz USA

Cybex Incline Press Bench

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Cybex Incline Press Bench


The Cybex Incline Press offers you the most trusted construction in plate-loading fitness machines available on the market. Designed to complement the human muscular system and bio-mechanics, the engineering used to create the Cybex Incline Press provides safety, security, and results.


The Cybex Incline features a 25-degree converging movement pattern, which means the user gets a natural and wide range of motion. It is built tough but offers a terrific amount of comfort and stability. The wide base ensures the machine won’t sway or move during exercise like inferior machines. The padded grips protect your hands from discomfort and callus.

Beginners and advanced lifters alike will benefit from all that the Cybex Incline Press has to offer.


Plate Loaded Convenience – The Cybex Incline Press features a plate loading system, which allows the user to customize the volume and load used for each set. Focus on building strength, power, or endurance during your workout. It is completely up to you!Safety, Protection, and Support – Engineered with safety in mind, the Cybex Incline Press complements human bio-mechanics, ensuring you can go through your workout with peace of mind. Stop risking injury with traditional weight benches and start lifting smart.


Fix Imbalances and Prevent Complications – Most people have strength imbalances as one side is used much more than the other. Resistance training can help reduce and eliminate strength imbalances while protecting you from further complications due to muscle distortions. The independent arms of the Cybex Incline Press allow you to conquer any upper body strength imbalances you may have as each side must carry its own weight.

  • Feel safe with the superior grade, duel welded construction of the Cybex Incline Press
  • Get an intense workout from the comfort of your home or commercial gym
  • Ensure that you are performing every repetition correctly with the self guiding, independent arms
  • Protect your body from injury as you correct any upper body strength imbalances


Unit is Cleaned and Serviced

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