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Cybex Leg Press

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Cybex Leg Press


If you’re an advanced lifter who wants to switch up your exercise routine or a beginner who wants to play it safe as you become acquainted with fitness, the Cybex Leg Press can help you achieve strength, endurance, and size in a safe and secure way.



The Cybex Leg Press is designed to accommodate various types of users including beginners, advanced lifters, fitness enthusiasts going through rehabilitation, and athletes training for a sports-specific reason. A great alternative to squats, the Cybex Leg Press allows you to safely lift heavier volume without the dangers of slipping or falling that you get with traditional free weights. Best of all, this machine places less stress on the lower back and knees than classic compound movements. Built For A Wide Range of Users – Despite your frame size, your height, or your fitness goals, the Cybex Leg Press is built to accommodate a wide range of workout enthusiasts. It features an adjustable backrest with three different positions, providing you comfort during those intense leg days. The wide plated footrest also allows you to position your feet in a way that feels natural, comfortable, and effective. Supports a Full Lower Body Workout – Whether you want to focus on your quadriceps, hamstrings, or calves, the Cybex Leg Press is able to take each part of your lower body through the intense workout you need. Try a standard leg press to activate all three muscle groups. Alter your foot placement to isolate the calves. Top it off using exaggerated sets with a wide foot placement, focusing on a specific area of the quadriceps muscles. Heavy Duty Construction – Feel safe and secure with the Cybex Leg Press as it has been designed to last through your toughest workouts. It features a wide and stable base with double welding. Finished with a scratch and dent resistant coat, it will stay looking new for years.



FOOTPRINT 83"L (211 cm) x 64"W (163 cm) x 54"H (137 cm)

ORIENTATION           Horizontal


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