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Cybex VR3 Overhead Press - Fitness Trendz USA

Cybex VR3 Overhead Press

$ 2,995.00

VR3 Overhead Press by Cybex provides a more complete range of motion with constant torque at the shoulder. The VR3 offers dual grips – the standard barbell grip as well as neutral grip which is favorable for individuals with compromised shoulders. In addition, the grips are angled to provide a neutral wrist position. The Cybex Overhead Press is engineered to counter-balance the additional weight of the pressing arm assembly so that the user is lifting only the actual weight selected. A great looking piece of equipment for any gym.


Range Limiting Device: This CYBEX patent-pending technology ensures that regardless of starting position selected, the cam is synchronized with each individual user.
Fully Enclosed Weight Stacks
Dependent Converging and Diverging Movement: The dependent movement provides a feeling of exceptional stability and ease throughout each movement, while the aligned path of motion provides consistent loading through the complete range.
Gas Assist Seat: Our intuitive seat base adjustment design uses gas spring assist to allow adjustments to the seat height without requiring the user to leave the machine. Both the seat base and seat backs have position indicators to enable the user to consistently duplicate a position on the machine.
Second Generation Twist Select Increment Weight System: Patent-pending system allows user to adjust the weight 5 pounds (2.5 kg) at a time with a simple turn of the knob—nothing to slide, drop or lose.
Contoured Molded Pads
Belt Drive: The belt drive provides a direct, smooth feel and virtually no drag while offering ease of maintenance by eliminating dedicated length cables.
Dry Grip Technology: Non-absorbent gripping material provides extra security for your grip.
Standard and neutral grips provide multiple grip choices
User range of motion is set through seat height adjustment
Dimensions (L × W × H): 64''L (162 cm) x 61''W (155 cm) x 64''H (162 cm)
Weight w/ Standard Stack: 530 lbs (241 kg)
Standard Stack: 150 lbs (75 kg)

Unit is Cleaned and Serviced

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