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Dynamic Fitness & Strength Head & Neck Isolator - Fitness Trendz USA

Dynamic Fitness & Strength Head & Neck Isolator

$ 2,146.40

Dynamic Fitness & Strength Head & Neck Isolator

Although there have been neck machines developed in the past to isolate and train the larger strap muscles of the neck... There has never been an apparatus designed to train and isolate the capital muscles of the head.

The capital muscles of the head work in concert with the neck muscles to protect the cervical spine and slow the acceleration of the head during impacts and falls. The Head and Neck Isolator specifically and safely targets and strengthens both the cervical muscles of the neck and the capital muscles of the head.

Dynamic Fitness & Strength builds specialized strength training products that bring next level functionality and superior quality to your training facility. Trusted by professional sports teams and D1 colleges and universities, Dynamic sets the standard in the strength training industry. Add depth to your facility with this specialized equipment Made in the USA, and built to last. Customize frame and upholstery colors, and add custom logos and branding to make your facility one of a kind. 



Includes an evidence-based head & neck strengthening protocol that is simple to understand, easy to administer and proven to stimulate maximum results.

Independent settings for precise isolation of the capital muscles of the head.

Multi-layered, memory foam, Mersa-resistant upholstered face pad that comfortably molds and conforms to the face and head

Advanced cam profile design to smoothly balance the extra loading of the eccentric head & neck strength curve durable construction accommodates high intensity workouts.

Easy access for entry and exit of the machine

Ergonomically designed handles

Torso stabilizing bar and adjusting back pad minimize upper torso sway and maximize isolation of the head & neck musculature

Multi-level seat adjustment that easily accommodates all torso lengths to facilitate maximum, full range strength outcomes

Small footprint fits easily into the most well-equipped gyms/weight rooms

Heavy gauge steel frame


Custom color options available.
Dynamic Products are custom order. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Accessories pictured are not included, can be purchased separately. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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