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DynaVec Gluteator Glute System - Fitness Trendz USA

DynaVec Gluteator Glute System

$ 6,999.00

DynaVec Gluteator Glute System

The Dynavec Glute System, also known as the Gluteator, is the best thing to happen to your butt since yoga pants. Don’t judge this book by its cover; this is not your mother’s abduction machine. The glute system has two points of resistance which forces the hip joint to move the thigh both back and out at the same time. For you scientists out there, that means resistance is provided as you both extend and abduct the hip in sagittal and frontal planes of motion, simultaneously.

Bodybuilders and fitness models have discovered that using our machine uniquely targets their gluteal muscles in a way not often felt with traditional lower body exercises, helping an area that is notoriously difficult to train and shape. The elderly have been shown (in a research project) to benefit through a strengthening of the gluteal muscles, allowing for improved performance of daily activities – i.e. rising from a seated position with better balance. Those looking for a way to rehabilitate the muscles which support the hips without placing a load through the knees or lower back will also appreciate the ingenuity of our machine. We've even had people tell us the Dynavec hip system has helped improve their athletic performance in sports ranging from powerlifting to rotational sports like golf and tennis.

45"x 52"x 48"

Weight 285 lbs

Working Space 4' x5'


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