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Fitness Trendz USA T-Bar Row Machine - Fitness Trendz USA

Fitness Trendz USA T-Bar Row Machine

$ 485.00

Fitness Trendz USA T-Bar Row Machine

Build the back and take your workout to a new level with the Fitness Trendz USA T-Bar Row Machine. The frame is built with sturdy, solid steel construction that keeps this machine dependable and long-lasting through even the highest intensity workouts. A sleek black, powder-coated paint job will prevent rust and scrapes for years to come. The wide or narrow set of handles feature a durable rubber grip to ensure ease of multiple reps. Each T-Bar Row Machine has a capacity of 440-pounds. After loading the desired weight, form a proper foot placement on the dual 15.75-in x 8.65-in-inch diamond footplates. Targets mid to lower back, rear shoulders, traps, deltoids, and more.

- Dual diamond plated footplates for grip
- Vertical and horizontal grip handles with a durable rubber grip
- Adjustable handle height
- Includes holes for bolting the machine to the floor
- Olympic sized weight plate holders
- Tough, solid steel construction is long-lasting and dependable
- Powder-coated paint job prevents rust and early scuffing

- Overall Height: 22.5-in.
- Overall Length: 39.5-in.
- Overall Width: 85-in.
- Footplate Dimensions: 15.75-in x 8.65-in.
- Grip Handle Diameter: 25 mm.
- Weight Sleeve Length: 12.7-in.
- Knurling: Medium Diamond Texture
- Finish: Powder-Coated Black
- Material: 2-in x 2-in 11-GA Steel
- Weight Capacity: 440 lb.
- Product Weight: 150 lb.

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