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FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross - Fitness Trendz USA

FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross

$ 3,995.00

FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross

A FreeMotion Functional Trainer is, and can best be described as follows: A Cable Crossover machine is a versatile selectorized piece of fitness equipment that consists of a rectangular, vertical frame, connected by a center crossbar that often incorporates a multi-grip chin bar, with a weight stack on each end, and various handles that can be attached for performing a number of uni-lateral and bi-lateral exercises. The cable crossover machine cables that connect the various handles to the weight stack run through fixed high and low pulleys, allowing many different muscles to be trained on a single machine in either linear or diagonal patterns.


Length: 62″ (157 cm)

Width: 123″ (312 cm)

Height: 95″ (241 cm)

Weight: 1150lbs (522 kgs)

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