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Hoist Smith Machine CF 3754 Dual Action - Fitness Trendz USA

Hoist Smith Machine CF 3754 Dual Action

$ 3,250.00 $ 4,999.00

This piece of equipment adds complexity to the traditional Smith machine by implementing horizontal movement as well. An integrated racking system gives you the option of nine different positions plus two motions so your workout never gets boring.

Key Features of the Hoist CF 3754 Dual Action Smith:

In addition to both vertical and horizontal motions, this Dual Action Smith also includes space for storing weights totaling as much as 1,450 lbs. Maximum bar travel distance is 30.25 in. (horizontal) and 63.50 in. (vertical).

  • Dual Action Technology: make your workout more interesting with simultaneous vertical and horizontal bar movements
  • Racking System: gives you the option of nine different exercise positions 
  • Adjustable Safety Tiers: so you can focus on building muscle and skip the worry 
  • Plate Storage: 10 weight holders keep your weights close at hand for easy adjustments 
  • Integrated Olympic Bar: starting at 52 lbs. (with a maximum exercise capacity of 540 lbs.) 
  • Color Options: choose between a platinum or textured white frame 

Hoist CF Exercise Machines are ideal for home use. Now you can:

    • Get the most out of equipment that is durable and built to last 
    • Feel comfortable and supported as you do reps 
    • Enjoy machines that both look good and are easy to use 
  • FOOTPRINT95.50"L (242 cm) x 88.50"W (225 cm) x 83.50"H (212 cm)

(Certified Pre-Owned)

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