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Hoist Fitness RS-1102 Biceps Curl - Fitness Trendz USA

Hoist Fitness RS-1102 Biceps Curl

$ 2,799.00

Hoist Fitness RS-1102 Biceps Curl

The Hoist Fitness RS-1102 Biceps Curl is a Cable-Driven exercise movement that automatically adjusts to accommodate varying arm lengths and shoulder widths. Swiveling pulleys provide pronated, neutral or supinated grip positions. Starts the body in an upright posture to improve arm extension for biceps recruitment, then rocks rearward during the exercise to reduce shoulder and back involvement. The rocking motion mimics the natural movement of a standing barbell/dumbbell curl without involving the lower back.


Product Width: 59.00" (150 cm)
Product Height: 58.00" (148 cm)
Product Length: 64.50" (164 cm)
Machine Weight: 631 lbs. (286 kg)

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