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Hoist Fitness RS-1301 Chest Press - Fitness Trendz USA

Hoist Fitness RS-1301 Chest Press

$ 2,799.00

Hoist Fitness RS-1301 Chest Press

The Hoist Fitness RS-1301 Chest Press contoured press arm handles provide multiple grip positions. Foot assist bar facilitates optimal positioning of press arm handles to control the degree of exercise pre-stretch.

This machine starts with the exercise handles positioned at chest level, then rocks rearward to align the handles with the chin mimicking the natural angular or arched movement of a bench press.

The Chest Press is designed to reduce the stresses placed upon the anterior shoulder capsule associated with horizontal extension and internal rotation of the arm. Includes ratcheting seat adjustment.


Product Width: 60.50" (154 cm)
Product Height: 57.50" (146 cm)
Product Length: 59.50" (151 cm)
Machine Weight: 624 lbs. (283 kg)

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