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Hoist Fitness RS-1402 Leg Curl - Fitness Trendz USA

Hoist Fitness RS-1402 Leg Curl

$ 2,799.00

Hoist Fitness RS-1402 Leg Curl

The Hoist Fitness RS-1402 Leg Curl is easy-to-use. The gas shock assisted adjustable back pad accommodates varying leg lengths. Self-aligning roller pad automatically adjusts to reduce potential stress of the ankle joints.

Adjustable shin pad creates a natural hinge movement and reduces shearing forces and stresses to the knee joints. Starts the body in a upright posture, then rocks rearward during the exercise providing a greater range-of-motion and a more natural hinge movement.

Rocking movement lowers the hips to prevent forward travel of the body during contraction unlike traditional leg curl machines. Labeled pivot alignment points.


Product Width: 53.25" (135 cm)
Product Height: 60.25" (153 cm)
Product Length: 51.75" (131 cm)
Machine Weight: 698 lbs. (317 kg)

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