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Hoist ROC-IT Dual Action Leg Press - Fitness Trendz USA

Hoist ROC-IT Dual Action Leg Press

$ 3,699.00

Hoist ROC-IT Dual Action Leg Press

The innovative bio-mechanical design of the ROC-IT Plate Loaded line delivers a more natural, unrestricted, functional movement.

Ride Oriented Xercise provides a rocking movement that constantly adjusts the user to achieve optimal bio-mechanical positioning throughout the exercise.

Integrated head support helps maintain a neutral cervical spine on rearward rocking machines.

Molded plastic upholstery covers add a contemporary and finished look. Contoured footrests provide a perpendicular platform for user support and stability.

Integrated water bottle holder, and accessory tray to keep personal items organized and out of the way of others (less clutter on gym floor).

Easy step through design speeds up workouts by allowing quick entry and exit of the machine.

Integrated scuff guards are strategically placed to protect the machine’s frame finish. Rubber foot protectors to guard facility flooring.

Over sized handles with bulbed ends provide a more comfortable and secure grip. Ratcheting adjuster system provides quick and easy seat adjustment.

ROX™ Technology creates a dual action exercise movement that moves the user support and foot plate simultaneously.

Head and shoulder support adjusts to accommodate varying body sizes. Easy to access lockout mechanism, automatically disengages at the start of the exercise.

Over-sized foot plate provides multiple foot placements for both leg press and calf exercises

Frame Color: Platinum

Upholstery colors: American Beauty Red

Length: 97”L x 50.25”W x 61.5”H
Weight: 539 lbs.

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