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Muscle D Fitness Classic Back Extension - Fitness Trendz USA

Muscle D Fitness Classic Back Extension

$ 2,595.00

Muscle D Classic Back Extension

Designed to train the core muscles in the lower back, which are fundamental in most torso movements including bending, twisting, and stabilizing other movements.
Anatomically correct cam pulley ensures proper muscle resistance is exerted throughout the entire motion.
Angled lower back pad and adjustable starting positions create the perfect extension movement, to enhance performance and improve end results.
Foot restraints provide additional anchor point and enable a full back extension range of motion.
Precision bearings deliver a fluid movement, making the exercise more enjoyable for beginners.
Magnetic selection pin allows quick weight stack adjustments.
Back extension exercises target vital muscles in the lower back and core. They’re involved in most movements of the torso such as twisting, bending, and stabilizing other body movements. Lower back muscles play a crucial role in everyday life yet are often under-trained and therefore susceptible to injury. This unit makes it easy for members to incorporate core stability into their fitness routine, within a safe and guided movement.

Our Back Extension Machine combines an angled back pad with perfectly positioned foot restraints, to ensure the user is correctly positioned within the equipment. The anatomically correct cam pulley helps to deliver a level of muscle resistance that’s accurate throughout the entire back extension motion (rather than just at the peak of the movement like other machines). Together these details deliver a lower back exercise that’s safe and effective, whilst building the fundamental core strength required to ably complete other movements.

Core strength exercises are sometimes confusing for beginners, and often missed out of a balance fitness routine. Our units make it easy to integrate as they’re designed in a way that’s very easy to use. Precision bearings create a smooth extension movement, enabling exercisers to focus on movement technique rather than the machine. There’s also a pictorial instruction placard that illustrates how to perform a back extension motion correctly, and magnetic weight stack pin that makes adjustments easy.

Weight: 460 lbs / 209 kg
Dimensions: 40″ x 45” x 55” / 102cm x 114cm x 140cm
Weight stack: 150 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin



  • 38″ l x 48″ w x 56″ h, 460 lbs.
  • cm x cm x cm, kg

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