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Nautilus Nitro® Pec Fly

Nautilus Nitro® Pec Fly

$ 1,299.00

Nautilus Nitro® Pec Fly

For an upper-body workout, the Nautilus Nitro® Pec Fly offers commercial quality strength training for your home. The Nautilus Nitro® Pec Fly provides 170 degrees of rotation that targets the lower, more massive portion of the pectorals.

  • Dependent "Smart Arm" movement arms provide varying radius throughout range of movement
  • Targets the larger, lower portion of pectoral major for massive gains
  • High resolution "EZ-Glide" adjustable seat ratchets up
  • Internally rotated arm position reduces shoulder impingement and maximizes pectoral contraction


Height                  60"/152 cm

Length                 59.5"/151 cm

Width                   36.5"/93 cm

Machine Weight               537 lbs/244 kg

Weight Stack                     200 lbs/91 kg

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