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Nautilus Nitro V-Triceps Extension - Fitness Trendz USA

Nautilus Nitro V-Triceps Extension

$ 1,199.00

Nautilus Nitro V-Triceps Extension

Time to get fit with the Nautilus V-Tricep Extension Machine - Nitro, a fitness equipment that can be used in gyms and training areas or even at the comfort of your own home. This exercise machine helps in strengthening your upper body muscles. It has adjustable back pads and seat to properly align your elbow joints. It comes with a cutting-edge strength curve technology with a 4-bar linkage system and a weight stack that you can adjust in 5 lb increments depending on your level of strength. It is made with 2" x 4" steel frames, overall measuring 48"L x 41"W x 57"H, and features high quality molded covering, plus bigger towel handle and bottle holder. Go and get the Nautilus V-Tricep Extension Machine

Makes isolating the triceps easier than ever.

  • Assembled Dimensions Of V-Triceps Extension Machine: 48"L x 41"W x 57"H / Weight: 552 Lbs
  • Nautilus Fitness Machine Made With 2" x 4" Steel Frames
  • Features Modern Optimal Strength Curve Technology With a 4-Bar Linkage System And A 5 Lb. Increment Weight Stack
  • Has Wider Space For Water Bottles And Tower Holder

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