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Nautilus NS 600 Home Gym - Fitness Trendz USA

Nautilus NS 600 Home Gym

$ 1,999.00

The Nautilus NS 600 Home Gym features
  • Natural plane of motion allowing multiple exercises with minimal adjustments
  • Strength curve matching the human body, helping you achieve maximum effort through a full range of motion.
  • Adjustable range of motion, allowing you to select your correct starting position for each exercise.
  • Biomechanically correct and fully supported seated leg extension/leg curl station. This helps eliminate back strain by allowing full concentration on the desired muscle from the seated position.
  • Full-range-of-motion, 11-position press station allows chest press, shoulder press and mid rows-all from a single seat. Multiple grip position on the press arm allow for ergonomic precision.
  • Inner Outer Thigh 
  • Dual-pivot pec deck station for flexibility and range of motion
  • Weight stacks can be fitted on left or right side of machine, allowing for customization.
  • Individual low pulley station with fixed foot plate.
  • Easy one-step adjustment pins allow for fully adjustable seat bottom and back to accommodate people of all sizes.
  • Upgradeable with optional strength system accessories.
  • Stack Weight 200 lbs
  • 72" L X 47" W X 83" H

Unit is Cleaned and Serviced

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