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Nautilus XPLOAD Circuit Set 11 Piece Set - Fitness Trendz USA

Nautilus XPLOAD Circuit Set 11 Piece Set

$ 21,590.00 $ 26,685.00

Independent movement arms provide body balance and excellent muscle isolation, Adjustable seat for a wide range of user heights. Optimal Strength Curve Technology ensures smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the entire movement

    • Biceps Curl The raised-arm design ensures maximum muscle contraction. Users can work arms together or separately.
    • Incline Press The adjustable back pad allows for a variety of starting positions at a 35° angle. Features multiple handle motions and converging arm movement.
    • Lat Pulldown This machine’s design helps reduce shoulder stress. The arms offer multiple user-defined paths of motion and the handles rotate for a more natural feel.
    • Leg Extension The angled seat is designed to fully isolate the quads, while the arm handles help prevent the body from twisting.
    • Over Head Press Develops the deltoids from a more shoulder-friendly workout platform. The adjustable seat and multiple handle positions accommodate the needs of any user. Also features converging arm movement
    • Prone Leg Curl The bench pad keeps the hips raised to ensure full hamstring contraction.
    • Seated Dip Effectively works the triceps, chest and shoulders. The walk-in design makes entry and exit easy. Features Ergo Grip technology.
    • Triceps Extension This machine features a raised-arm design for more targeted workouts and optimal muscle stretch. Users can work arms together or separately.
    • Vertical Chest Press Allows for superior pec development. This machine offers multiple handle positions and converging arm movement.
    • Nautilus XPLoad Deadlift and Shrug machine features adjustable handles, enabling a variety of starting positions.Silver Frames Black Pads.
    • Nautilus XPLoad Incline Leg Press takes the conventional 45-degree design to a whole new level with a multi-bar slider crank that controls the position and angle of the foot platform, reducing knee stress and providing maximum hip rotation.
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Plates pictured are not included. Can be purchased separately.

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