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Nautilus XPLoad Vertical Chest Press - Fitness Trendz USA

Nautilus XPLoad Vertical Chest Press

$ 2,799.00


The Nautilus XPLoad Vertical Chest Press features independent, converging movement arms with a strength profile design that provides a proper resistance profile throughout the entire range of movement and multiple-position hand grips that give the user options for personal preference.

The Nautilus XP Load line is intelligent, plate loaded equipment for high-performance workouts and it follows the body's every move. Rugged, yet easy to use, each Nautilus XP Load machine correctly addresses the strength curve of the body part it's designed to train and combines the smooth feel of free weight equipment with the controlled, biomechanical movement of a machine. Optimal Strength Curve Technology matches the body's potential increases and decreases in strength. Instead of forcing users to follow an incorrect path of motion, XP Load equipment provide a proper movement path.


Technical Specifications: P3VC


58" L by 56" W by 72" H


380 Lbs.

Weight Stack Capacity

0 Lbs.

11 gauge steel frames

Optimal Strength Curve Technology ensures smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the entire movement

Converging press arms ensure greater rotation in the shoulder joint for greater muscle contraction

Weight plates are loaded low to the ground

Back pads, seats, and rollers are fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users

Contoured pads support proper exercise position

Adjustable back pad for variable starting positions and increased range of movement

Oversized handles spread forces over large area, reducing pressure and increasing comfort.

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