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TechnoGym®  Excite® Run 1000 - Fitness Trendz USA

TechnoGym® Excite® Run 1000

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TechnoGym® Excite® Run 1000

Enjoy the natural sensation of running on an adaptive surface and the unique, engaging user experience the UNITY™ 3.0 digital console provides.

Engaging Cardio

The Excite® collection offers you a fully-connected cardio experience. The state-of-the-art UNITY™ 3.0 and TV consoles provide a personalized mix of entertainment, new challenging workouts and innovative features that are designed to deliver results in a fun and easy way. The new colors add a stylish touch to the space and are the perfect solution for facilities that want to deliver a unique experience.

Top speed and incline

With its 0.8-27 km/h / 0.2-12.4 mph speed and 18% incline, Run 1000 takes your performance to the next level.

Personalized user experience

Run 1000 can be equipped with the new 19" UNITY™ 3.0 or TV digital consoles to offer a totally engaging and diversified personal experience directly from the touch-screen console.

Silent running

The belt transmission system ensures quiet and smooth running, even at top speeds.

New engaging workouts

Choose one of our new interval training workouts. Burn more calories with Cross Training for greater exercise variety, and Hills for a more gradual workout. You can also alternate effort phases, switching between pushing as hard as you can and recovering, with Hi-Low Blocks.

Preventive Care Light

A flashing green light warns that the treadmill needs attention and helps prevent equipment downtime.

InMotion Safety Light

A red light warns users not to step onto the treadmill until the belt has stopped. The Runner Detection System automatically brings the belt to a stop when the treadmill is not in use.

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