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TechnoGym Selection Lat Machine MED - Fitness Trendz USA

TechnoGym Selection Lat Machine MED

$ 2,499.99

TechnoGym Selection Lat Machine MED

The multi-functional Selection Lat Machine MED is ideal for safely and effectively working the upper limbs and the latissimus dorsi muscles from a seated position.

High-quality sports & medical fitness equipment

The Lat Machine MED is part of the Selection MED line, which features the largest assortment of certified medical equipment. This is a professional product that is suitable for gyms and medical facilities such as hospitals and rehabilitation centers. It has been awarded the 93/42 EEC and TÜV Certifications, which guarantee the highest standards in terms of quality and reliability.


The custom-designed Pulldown bar provides for a better grip and helps ensure the correct and consistent positioning of the hands. The roller pads increase stability when using heavier loads, and allow Selection Lat Machine MED machine users of different body sizes to quickly access the equipment.


Length (mm | in)
1243 | 49
Width (mm | in)
1202 | 47
Height (mm | in)
2280 | 90
Weight Stack Oversize (kg | lbs)
130 | 260
Weight Stack (kg | lbs)
100 | 200

Unit is Cleaned and Serviced

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