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Torque Fitness M Series Prone Leg Curl - Fitness Trendz USA

Torque Fitness M Series Prone Leg Curl

$ 2,900.00

Torque Fitness M Series Prone Leg Curl

The M Series Commercial Prone Leg Curl Machine from Torque Fitness offers the ultimate in See, Feel, and Trust for training hamstrings - Visual Impact, Ultimate Comfort, and Bullet Proofing where it counts!

What Users See: Clean sight lines through fully shrouded towers, all of uniform 5 foot height, Convenient integrated rubber trays for storage of water bottle, keys, MP3, etc., Easily recognizable orange adjustment handles, Compact, inviting, user-friendly look.

What Users Feel: A natural path of resistance travel from precise pivot point alignment, Minimized back stress from divergent hip and chest pads, A more effective strength profile through a variable cam that replicates a natural resistance curve, Smooth feel from a direct drive Kevlar belt, Reduced starting resistance and effortless adjustability from counterbalanced arm, lighter resistance increases through drop down weight increment system.

What Users Trust: Maintenance free durability from roller ball bearings over solid shafts at pivot points, Indestructible solid steel weight plates riding on 3/4 inch solid steel chromed guide rods, Durable grips from non-absorbing rubber compound secured with aluminum collars, Magnetic attached weight stack pin with breakaway lanyard to prevent loss or damage, a 30 year culture of long term durability and customer service.

Weight Stack: 15 lb. plates / 240 lbs. total
Assembled Dimensions: 62.9" L x 44.2" W x 60.0" H
Assembled Weight: 513 lbs.

Unit is Showroom Demo

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