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Torque Fitness X-Create 3 Module Storage Wall  - Fitness Trendz USA

Torque Fitness X-Create 3 Module Storage Wall

$ 7,145.00

X-Create 3 Module Storage Wall

Designed to fit against a wall or on the edge of your functional exercise space to provide accessory storage and the maximum amount of group training stations.

Each storage module comes standard with 1 Pull-up Stations, 2 Suspension Anchors, and Urethane boots to cover anchoring hardware.


3 - Pull-up Stations

3 - Adjustable Ball Storage

4 - Suspension Anchors

12 - 4' Accessory Trays with Molded Rubber Mats

These units can be expanded and offer numerous options.

Accessories pictured are not included.  Can be purchased separately.

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